How to Remove LDS Nail Colors Efficiently

Dip powder manicures have revolutionized the entire nail care scene globally. Today, people have excellent opportunities to have healthy nail manicures without exposure to UV rays and other harmful chemicals. The dip manicures present women with the best options to look beautiful without compromising their health.

While applying a dip powder manicure is one of the easiest procedures to master, it is also convenient to learn the art of removing LDS dip powder without causing any harm to the nail.

This article dwells on aspects like how to remove dipping powder nail polish from the nails easily.

LDS Dip Nails’ primary advantage is that they last long for a minimum of three to four weeks. Generally, the dip powder manicure is robust and does not chip off unless you meet with an unfortunate accident. The only factor that necessitates the removal of dip powder manicures is the nail’s natural growth.

As the nail grows over the four to five weeks, you have the dip manicure, and it pushes out the nail from its bed. The natural tendency is to cut your overgrown nails using a nail clipper. Thus, your dip powder manicure starts getting shorter. It is not advisable to have a top-up dip powder manicure as it will not be a uniform application throughout your nail. The best option is to remove the LDS nail colors and have a fresh dip powder manicure.

How to remove dip powder nail polish

Never pick at the lifted nail polish

As the new nail growth pushes the nail out from its bed, you might find the nail lifting from its surface, at times, especially if the application is not perfect. People tend to lift the nail and try to remove it. It is not the right thing to do because it can cause more harm than good. Picking at the nail can cause a gap that could encourage water to seep in and provide a breeding ground for bacterial growth.

It is advisable to prevent such a situation from developing. If you find a gap between the polish layer and the nail, it is better to go for a complete polish removal procedure.

Use your nail file gently

It can be challenging to remove dip powder manicures, especially if you have a thick coat. It will require you to file the excess nail coat. A sterilized nail should do the job, but you should ensure to file your nails gently. If you use force to file the nail, you can injure the nail surface. The purpose behind using the nail file is to gently chip off the top layer and make it easy for the acetone soak to do its job.

Use the acetone soak procedure

Acetone is the most renowned nail remover available on the market. All nail removing solutions use acetone in some form. It is best to use pure acetone as it is the ideal nail remover. The acetone soak procedure requires you to soak your fingernails in an acetone solution. You have a couple of options.

  1. The first option is to dip your fingernails in a bowl filled with acetone. However, this procedure can cause your skin to get exposed to acetone. Acetone, with its dehydrating properties, can damage your skin and cause dehydration.
  2. The alternative is to place cotton balls soaked in acetone on the nail. You can fasten the cotton balls using an aluminum wrap. It helps to keep the cotton balls in place while ensuring that the acetone does not affect the skin around your nail.

Acetone will help dissolve the nail polish entirely. However, it will take more than 20 minutes to do so. Hence, you should be patient. If you try to hasten the process, the removal will not be perfect. You might have to repeat the entire process again. It will take more time in the bargain.

After around 20 minutes, the nail polish layers slide down the nail comfortably. If there are minute traces left on the nail, you can use a nail buff to smoothen it out.

Wash your hands well

One should wash their hands well after the dip powder removal procedure. It is essential to remove all acetone traces from your nails. One should also take precautions like using a mask to avoid inhaling acetone fumes when removing LDS nails.

Hydrate your nails

One can apply cuticle oil on the nails that contained the dip powder. It helps to keep the nail moist and rehydrate. A better option is to let nature take its course. You can keep your nails free from any nail polish for a minimum of a week. Once your nails regain their strength, you can proceed with the next LDS dip powder nails manicure.


The procedure described above is the most straightforward dip powder removal process. We shall discuss other removal methods in a separate blog.