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When you come in for your services, you will be able to become a Lounge VIP Member which will give you unsurpassed level of VIP status and will receive exclusive access to fabulous members-only deals, “secret online offers, birthday gift card, in-store events and more. So be sure to signup when you visit.

Scheduling an appointment For optimum availability, Vanity Lounge recommends that you book your next appointment prior to leaving our lounge. Please be prompt for your appointment. If you are more than 30 minutes late, we will consider your appointment canceled.

RE-SCHEDULING AND CANCELLATIONS Life changes and we know that your schedule may change, making it impossible to visit Vanity Lounge for a planned appointment. But please remember that we block out time and space at the lounge to ensure that you and each of our Vanity Lounge clients will receive the highest level of service. As a courtesy to other patrons and our staff, when you need to make a change, we request that you:

  • Notify us 24 hours in advance to RE-SCHEDULE an appointment
  • Notify us 48 hours in advance to CANCEL an appointment
  • Notify us 90 days in advance to change or cancel a Package Service (i.e., bridal party, in store event)