Know How to Use Each Item of Your Nail Dip Powder Kit

DIY manicures have become common after the pandemic. People do not wish to visit nail salons unnecessarily and expose themselves to the virus. Therefore, we observe a tremendous surge in the sales of dip powder kits online. A nail dip powder kit is essential because otherwise, you will not get the best manicure. Besides, a first-timer should necessarily use the equipment for maximum benefit. This article helps you understand the different components in the dip powder kit and how to use them to get your best manicure.

Nail Dip Powder Kit

Know What Your Dip Powder Kit Contains.

Sterilized Nail Files

Prepping your nails is crucial for your manicure. Hence, it is advisable to use sterilized nail files to reduce the chances of infections. The nail files help to shape your nail edges and smoothen them.

Sterilized Nail Cutter

It would be best if you cut your nails before your manicure. It is better to use a sterilized nail cutter for cutting your nails. It helps to maintain a reasonable length. Having excessively long nails can cause the nail to break, mainly because dipping powder applications can be heavy.

High-quality Nail Buff

The nail buff helps rough up the nail surface and allows the basecoat application to stick to it. It is critical because incorrect buffing can cause the dipping powder layer to lift and damage the manicure.

Cuticle Pushers

An experienced nail salon technician will tell you that cuticles should never come in the way of your nail manicure. They can cause the dipping powder layer to lift and crack. Therefore, one should ensure to push the cuticles into their grooves gently. If you cut your cuticles, you could harm them. The ideal procedure is to use an orangewood cuticle pusher to push them in gently.

Alcohol Wipes

Your nail surface could accumulate oil, acetone residue, dirt, and water vapor. All these constituents can affect your manicure. Besides, buffing and filing the nails leave debris on the nail surface. Alcohol wipes prove handy in removing the debris and cleaning the nail surface. Similarly, alcohol disinfects your nails by eliminating bacteria.

Basecoat Application

The basecoat application is a crucial aspect of your dip powder manicure. It provides the perfect base for dipping powder colors to stick to the nail surface. Nail technicians advise you to exercise caution and apply the basecoat application evenly using straight lines. In addition, it is advisable to leave a 1mm gap near the cuticles to ensure that dipping powder does not stick to them.

Dipping Powder

Generally, your dip powder kit offers a bottle or two of dipping powder. Of course, you can always purchase dipping powder separately, depending on your color choices. However, it is better to shake the bottle thoroughly before use. It enables the ingredients to mix properly and ensures a high-quality manicure.

The dipping powder manicure requires you to dip your nails into the bottle at a 45-degree angle to allow the powder to stick to the basecoat uniformly. Alternatively, you can sprinkle dipping powder directly from the bottle using a clean spoon. You can order the best quality dip powder nail colors online.


Dip powder sticks to your basecoat, but it requires an activator application to enable its constituents to bond with the basecoat. The activator application is, thus, the crucial part of a dip powder manicure.

Topcoat Application

No nail manicure is over until you apply the topcoat layer. If you wish to have a matte finish, you can stop after the initial two topcoat application layers. However, a glossy finish requires multiple topcoat applications. The best aspect of a dipping powder manicure top coat is that it dies instantly. Hence, there is no need for curing the nails under a UV lamp.


Dip powder can stick to your skin at times. However, you can brush it off using a clean brush. Similarly, the brush proves handy to remove excess dipping powder from the nails.

Acetone-based Nail Polish Remover

Dipping powder manicures require an acetone soak to remove it after three to four weeks. The dip powder kit contains an acetone-based nail polish removing solution. The procedure involves soaking cotton balls in the solution and placing them over the nails. You can use an aluminum wrap to cover the balls. After half an hour, acetone dissolves the dip powder.

Final Words

We have discussed almost every item present in the dip nail powder kit. This article proves helpful to understand how to use these constituents and get the best dip powder manicure.

It is advisable to purchase quality products like OPI dip powder, SNS dipping powder, or LDS dipping powder. These products are safe to use and last longer than the cheap ones available on the market. So use them and get high-quality dip nails to show off on social media.