My Experience of a Dipping Powder Manicure

Compared to gel and acrylic nails, a dipping powder manicure is a recent addition. Generally, you find young girls swearing by the acrylic paint, their favorite nail salon, the inspirational pictures, and the Instagram posts they share after their gel/acrylic manicures. Yes, it is indeed a magical feeling as the love affair with nail polish continues.

However, there is a flip side to these gel nails because this procedure is more likely than others to leave you with cracked and fragile nails. Exposure to UV rays while curing and acetone when removing can do more harm than good. Therefore, it left me wondering whether there is a suitable alternative to gel polish until one of my colleagues started singing the glories of SNS powder colors.

Experience of a Dipping Powder Manicure

I had never heard of powder manicures before. Out of curiosity, I decided to take the plunge and have a dip powder manicure. My curiosity got the better of me as my mind started asking me a barrage of questions. Every dip powder lover should know the answers to these questions.

Is It Safe for My Delicate Nails?

Yes, it is much safer than acrylic or gel nails because of various factors. Dip powder manicures do not require curing under the UV/LED lamp. UV radiation can be harmful to many as prolonged exposure can cause cancer. The best aspect of a dip powder manicure is that it dries out within no time. Secondly, the dip nails look more natural than a gel/acrylic manicure. The process is quicker, and the manicure lasts much longer than the gel manicure. However, one should ensure to use quality products. If you are looking to order your SNS nail supplies from us, you are welcome to do so.

Is the Dip Powder Manicure Process Simple?

There is no better answer to this question than trying it out yourself. I took this opportunity to visit the best salon in town that offers high-quality dip manicures. I was amazed at the collection of SNS colors on display. It became practically impossible for me to choose my favorite color as every color was mind-blogging.

The nail salon technician helped me choose my favored orange shade. She advised me to reshape my nails and go for an oval shape instead of the squarish shape I had now. I decided to proceed with the experiment.

The Dip Powder Experience

The salon technician started with preparing my nails and getting them into the right shape. She used sterilized nail clipping and filing tools to ensure that I got a smooth oval-shaped finish to each of my nails. I say that I was impressed by what I experienced.

She used a soft orangewood stick to push my cuticles gently back into their grooves. The process is the same as you do when going in for a gel manicure.

The basecoat application process was thrilling as my nail salon technician deftly left a small space around my cuticles. It ensures that my nail polish does not lift as my nail grows naturally. The millimeter gap at the nail base allows my nails to grow smoothly without affecting my manicure.

The dipping powder job was next on the anvil. As I had already chosen my favorite shade of orange, her job became a bit easy. Otherwise, the exciting range of SNS nail supplies can leave your head spinning with delight. As the procedure was new to me, I found it a bit awkward when she pushed my entire nail into the dipping powder bottle. She brushed off the excess powder from my nails. I found out to my delight that the powder stuck to the basecoat and not to my nails/skin.

She started applying a gel-like substance over the dip powder. She explained that it was an activator gel that helps bind the powder to the basecoat and ensure longevity.

The topcoat application was the final part of the manicure. I had asked for a glossy topcoat. Hence, the technician applied multiple layers of topcoat. If you wish to have a matte finish, a coating or two should suffice. The exciting aspect of the topcoat application was that it did not require me to use the UV lamp for curing. The topcoat dried within a minute of applying, and she was able to wipe the nail polish clean with a lint-free towel.

Is the Process Hygienic?

Dipping your nails into the SNS nail powder colors can cause health issues if multiple people use the same bottle. You never know who comes with a nail infection to pass it around to unsuspecting people. However, I had decided to go for a new bottle and ended up bringing the bottle home. In this way, I would be the only person to use this bottle. Hence, I found this procedure to be safe and hygienic.

Does the manicure last long?

Now, I am in the fourth week of the manicure, and I find the polish holding its own without chipping and cracking. However, the natural growth of the nail has pushed the dip manicure towards the edges. It requires a removal. I shall describe the removal procedure in a subsequent post.

For now, I bid goodbye and am proud to display my dip powder manicure on my Instagram and Pinterest handles.