Difference Between Bronze and Regular Tanning Lotions

People love to get tanned without the harmful effects of the sun. However, most of them don’t know which product can give the desired tanning result. There is a huge difference between getting a normal and dark tan. In this guide, we will inform you about the different types of tanning lotions and the benefits of choosing the right lotion.

Difference Between Bronze and Regular Tanning Lotions

Common Types of Tanning Lotions

Accelerator and Maximizer Tanning Lotions

If you are new to indoor tanning, accelerator and maximizer tanning lotions are the best options. These lotions include more moisturizing ingredients compared to other tanning lotions. Thus, your skin will remain hydrated while adjusting to the process of getting tanned. Moreover, accelerator and maximizer tanning lotions can help you get a base tan that looks completely natural.

Self Tanning

Those who frequently visit salons to get indoor tanning require self tanning products like lotion or oils. Tanning oils promote the tanning process, improving both indoor and outdoor tanning. On the other hand, tanning lotions are creamy in texture, whereas tanning oils are thinner and more comfortable to apply. Our skin embodies tanning oils much quicker than tanning creams, keeping it hydrated & extra moisturized. You should get this drugstore self-tanning lotion for indoor tanning.


Bronzers are also a type of tanning lotion commonly used by people around the world. However, it works differently than other tanning lotions. Various types of tanning bronzers can be divided into two groups.

Common Types of Tanning Bronzers

DHA Bronzers

Tanning bronzers that contain DHA to dye the skin color are commonly known as DHA bronzers. Dihydroxyacetone is an active ingredient that gives the dead skin cells a brown tan. If you apply DHA bronzers to get a tan, it will take several hours to give the tanning effect. Moreover, the tan usually lasts for a week since the dead skin cells are shed.

Natural Bronzers

Instead of using chemicals, natural bronzers use plant-based ingredients to provide a bronze tan to the skin. This bronzer works by increasing melanin production to darken skin color. Other than providing a natural glow, this tanning bronzer additionally moisturizes the skin. Thus, your skin will look healthy and fresh.

Since natural ingredients are used to create these tanning bronzers, the result doesn’t last for more than 4 days. If you want to use natural bronzers, be ready to reapply the lotion several times for the effect to last long. If you want to achieve a long-lasting tan, get tanning bed lotions without bronzer.

Pros of a Bronzing Lotion

FDA has approved bronzing tanning lotions. Thus, these lotions are popularly used as a safe way to get a “fake” tan. Like makeup, the lotions work by dying the outer layer of your skin to a specific color.

Although the result lasts for a few days, most people consider these lotions to get an instant tan. Unlike regular tanning lotions, bronzers provide maximum tan in less time.

Cons of a Bronzing Lotion

As mentioned previously, bronzing lotions give a temporary tan that doesn’t last for too long. Additionally, these lotions can leave stains and marks on the clothes. Another major drawback is the unnatural-looking tan.

Compared to regular tanning lotions, you will get a tan that looks less natural after applying bronzing lotions. If you want streak-free results, before applying the bronzers, exfoliate and moisturize the skin.

Choosing the Right Lotion

You should always contact the expert at the salon before selecting a tanning lotion. The expert will give advice based on your individual tanning goals.

You should test the lotion on some parts of the skin to find out any skin irritation. If there is any skin irritation, wash the affected skin immediately and discontinue using the product.


We hope you now understand the difference between a bronzing tanning lotion and a regular tanning lotion. If you want the tan to last for a long time, get a regular tanning lotion with bronzers. Those who want an immediate tan should choose a bronzing lotion.