Dipping Powder Manicures Are Becoming the Trend Today Globally

If you wish to change from your regular acrylic or gel polish manicures, you can try out the dipping powder procedure. This manicure is gradually gaining popularity, with more women opting for this manicure over the traditional procedures. However, dipping powder manicures have their merits and demerits that one should know. This blog answers such questions on dipping powder.

What Is a Dip Nail Manicure?

Dip nails are perfect alternatives to gel and acrylic polish. The Nugenesis dip nail procedure involves prepping the nail the usual way by removing existing polish, cutting and shaping the nails, and using alcohol or dehydrator to remove oil and other debris. The next process is to build the base by having a basecoat layer. Subsequently, you dip your nails into good-quality dipping powder, like Nugenesis nails dipping powder.

Dipping Powder Manicures Are Becoming the Trend Today Globally

Depending on your preferences, you can have multiple coats of dipping powder. Finally, you seal off the manicure using an activating coating and topcoat layer to get a beautiful and fresh manicure. The best aspect of dip nails is that the procedure works well on natural and false nails.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Dip Manicure?

The most significant highlight of a dip manicure is the ease with which you complete the procedure. There is no need to subject your nails to UV exposure. You do not have to ensure the strong odors of acrylic paint. Besides, you have an excellent range of dipping powder products available. Another advantage is that you can have the manicure at home. Therefore, you save time going to the salon, and it is a good option nowadays because of the pandemic.

What Are the Demerits of a Dip Manicure?

The biggest disadvantage of a dip manicure is the removal procedure is a bit challenging to master. If you do not do it properly, you could end up damaging your nails. Secondly, visiting a salon for a dip manicure is not hygienic because they dip your nails into bottles already used by others before you. If any one of them had a nail infection, you could risk getting it. Hence, it is better to ask the nail salon technician to pour the Nugenesis nails dipping powder on your nails and spread it using a brush.

What Is the Difference Between a Dip Manicure and a Gel Manicure?

The primary difference between dip and gel manicures is the curing procedure. The topcoat application in a Nugenesis dip nail manicure dries almost immediately. Hence, there is no need for any specialized curing. It is not so in gel polish because the procedure involves curing your nail polish at every stage under a UV lamp.

The dip nail manicure is a faster process than gel polish manicures because you do not spend time curing your nails under a UV lamp.

What Are the Similarities Between the Dip and Gel Manicures?

Both dip and gel manicures last long. If you follow the perfect procedure, the manicure can comfortably last for three weeks. The nail polish removing procedure is similar to gel and dip manicures. Dip and gel manicures are available in excellent color combinations.

How Do You Remove Dip Powder Manicures?

The best solution to remove dip powder manicures is the acetone soak method. Acetone is the ideal nail polish remover as all nail polish products dissolve in acetone. The process involves filing the top layers of dip powder polish to make it easy for the acetone to penetrate the nail polish layers and dissolve them.

Then, you place cotton balls soaked in acetone on your nails. Next, you can secure them with an aluminum wrap. Wait for around half an hour before removing the wrap and check whether the polish layers have dissolved. Generally, the polish layer should slide off easily. Otherwise, you have to repeat the procedure.

Are There Any Problems Using Acetone?

Yes, acetone is an excellent nail polish remover, but it can dehydrate your nails and make them brittle. Therefore, you should massage your nails with cuticle oil after removing Nugenesis dipping powder. You should not go for a fresh manicure immediately after removing your dip manicure. A week’s gap can help the nails recuperate naturally.

Can You Paint over Your Dipping Powder Nails?

Yes, you can have a different coating over your dip nails if you wish to attend an event or go for an interview. The best aspect is that the topcoat on the existing dip nails protects the powder colors. Therefore, applying a fresh layer of paint on top does not affect the manicure. However, you should ensure to use a non-acetone nail polish remover to remove the additional layer.

Final Thoughts

Dipping powder manicures have become popular today, with more women taking to it naturally. As the procedure is easy to master and the manicures last long, Nugenesis dip colors have become the trend today. However, you should ensure to use quality products to get the best results.