Top 6 Best Home Remedy for Acne 2020

Best Home Remedy for Acne

Home remedies often prove to be very successful in dealing with skin problems. When talking about acne, it is the most challenging problem to deal with but not the impossible one. So, here we come up with a list of the top 6 products that will help you out to get clear skin.

All the products have healing properties with natural ingredients and can be used on sensitive skin types also. Read more to know better.

LAVO Grease Free Facial Moisturizer

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The highest recommended moisturizer for acne-prone skin is the LAVO moisturizer cream. It forms a thin protective barrier on the skin and blocks out bacteria, mineral salts, and pollutants. Moreover, the moisturizer is not greasy, and its botanical-based formula leaves the skin highly moisturized.

You can avail several benefits with just one moisturizer cream. Use it day and night to improve skin tone and its elasticity. During makeup, you can apply it as a primer. With Rosemary and Ginseng extract, the pores of your skin get toned as well as refined.

EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen

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Dermatologist recommends EltaMD UV sunscreen as it is based on a zinc-oxide formula. The broad-spectrum sunscreen protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays coming from the sun. Apart from this, it protects sensitive skin prone to discoloration, rosacea, and acne.

Apply it once every 2 hours to get the best results. This lotion is oil-free, fragrance-free, sensitivity-free, non-greasy, and paraben-free. The ingredients in sunscreen promote healthy-looking skin. It is a mineral-based sunscreen and is lightweight for daily use.

FaceTory Soothe Me Sheet Mask

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While controlling the production of oil and sebum, FaceTory Soothe Me mask also calms redness and blemishes. Along with that, it purifies the skin for a brighter complexion. That’s why it is known to be the best Korean sheet mask for acne-prone skin.

Formulated with Tea Tree oil and Chamomile Flower extract, it helps to clear acne scars. These sheet masks are made of Cupra. Cupra is the cotton fiber that fits perfectly to the shape of your face. No sulfates and parabens have been added to the formulation. Moreover, they are cruelty-free. Read more

Top 6 Best Products for Beautiful Skin – Tips That’ll Transform Your Skin

Best Products for Beautiful Skin

Everyone wants to adopt a skin care routine that provides visible results and makes the skin look glowing, healthy and beautiful. I have seen people using a large number of products which prove harmful to the skin instead of providing any benefit. To all those people who have been trying hard to make their skin beautiful by using these products, you don’t need to be worried and disappointed any more as we have brought to you the best products that have been tested and proved effective for your skin. Try these out and get the kind of beautiful skin you have always wanted.

Olay Regenerist Retinol Face Serum

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The Olay Regenerist contains the magical formulation of Vitamin B3 and retinol complex which helps in strengthening collagen and providing uplift to the skin cells. The light weight formula instantly delivers the components to the skin and works very fast, providing visible results overnight. This makes the skin smooth, bright and fresh in the morning and keeps it hydrated for longer periods of time. The serum also helps in getting rid of wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines.

Ocean Mineral Facial Moisturizer

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The ocean mineral face moisturizer is formulated using seaweed which contains important skin moisturizing minerals. These hydrate the skin and restore the natural water content that is already present in the epidermal layers. When used regularly, the facial skin appears nourished and the health of the skin is improved. It also helps in getting rid of wrinkles by uplifting collagen and providing firmness to the skin. The plant based formulation makes is safe and effective.

PCA SKIN Detoxifying Face Mask Balancing Charcoal Facial Treatment

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PCA SKIN has formulated the best charcoal face masks for skin detox that you must try at least once and you’ll be amazed to see its extraordinary results. The careful and effective selection of ingredients including Japanese Charcoal and clay provides efficient cleansing and detoxification. It removes dirt and grime that has been stuck in the deepest layers of the skin and reduces the pore openings. This results in a more firm and tight skin. The overall effect of this mask appears as a much cleaner and balanced facial skin. Read more

Top 6 Best Foundations to Cover Blemishes for 2020

Best Foundations to Cover Blemishes

As you age, the skin starts showing spots and scars caused due to various reasons like harmful sun rays, pimple scars, or wound bruises. Also, some medical procedures or accidents leave some marks on your skin. Not all are treatable, and sometimes you just need an instant solution.

In such instances, using the suitable and the best foundation to cover blemishes solves your woes. They transform your skin into flawless and radiant looking in an instant after you apply the foundation. Check out the collection that gives you this instant glam transformation.

Wander Beauty Nude Illusion Liquid Foundation

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The buildable foundation by Wander Beauty gives you a natural finish by correcting or concealing the spots. It brings radiance to the skin by covering the blemishes on the skin using its nude illusion foundation liquid.

This portable tube can also double as a contour if you choose a shade or two darker and similarly as a concealer if you opt for lighter shades.

Dermacol Make-up Cover Full Coverage Foundation

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Dermacol full coverage foundation is one of the best concealers to cover tattoos as it offers full coverage even when applied as thin layers. It covers the tattoos by ideally balancing the skin color and trusted by professional make-up artists.

Several other scars and bruising post-surgery are also effectively masked using this foundation. You can use it for both face and body as it acts as both foundation and sunscreen for your skin.

Cherioll Flawless Liquid Foundation Cream, Liquid Foundation

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All skin type suitable universal liquid foundation by Cherioll is a flawless foundation cream that also functions as a moisturizer. The long-lasting color changing foundation makes your pores invisible and offers complete coverage.

This bb cream similar concealer forms a nude base for the application of make-up on your face. Transform your skin tone intuitively by thoroughly blending this cream into it. You get protection from UVA and UVB rays plus hydration for your skin as additional benefits. Read more

LDS Dipping Powder – The Pros and Cons of Dipping Powder

Instagram and Pinterest have become excellent social media channels to show off one’s nails. Now, that should be fine because, if you have it, you should better flaunt it. Nail polish accentuates the beauty of women to an entirely different level. When it comes to nail polish, the debate between gel polish and dipping powder will always keep raging till eternity.

Many women prefer to go the traditional way and use gel or lacquer polish to beautify the nails. Dipping powder is comparatively a recent innovation. In the short period that it has been around, it has caught the imagination of stylish women globally. When you have quality products like LDS dip powder, there should be no reason why you should not use it to enhance your inherent beauty.

However, the use of dipping powder has its merits and demerits. We shall dwell upon them in this article.

The Merits of Dipping Powder

Let us look at the positives before discussing the cons.

  • Remarkably Durable: Compared to gel or lacquer polish, dip powder LDS nails are incredibly durable and long-lasting. An excellent manicure should last for a minimum of two to three weeks without requiring a top-up job.
  • No lousy odor: Though the materials used in a dip powder job resemble the standard nail polish items, the dip powders, like LDS Dipping powder, are free from bad odor. Whether you visit a salon or have the manicure at home, the odor-free experience is one to cherish.
  • Comparatively less messy: You need a steady pair of hands to do a flawless self-manicure. Not many people boast of having such limbs. The dip powder job is a better option, as you spend less time with cleaning swabs and pads attempting to clean up the mess that you create with your nail polish job.
  • More comfort: The technology has improved a lot. Today, you get high-quality dipping powders that require fewer applications. Thus, you get thinner nails, thereby providing a higher degree of comfort.
  • Saves time: Compared to a gel or lacquer job, the dip powder manicure requires a much shorter period. Besides, the DIY projects ensure that you do not spend much time traveling to the salon.
  • No UV radiation: The exposure to ultraviolet radiation can make the body vulnerable to cellular malfunctions, leading to skin cancer diseases. Dip powder applications do not need such exposure, whereas it is essential for gel and acrylic polish jobs.
  • Vibrant colors: The high-quality dip powders available today are incredibly elegant. Therefore, they exude a higher vibrancy in comparison to the gel and acrylic paint jobs.
  • DIY capability: Hundreds of instructional videos are available on channels like youtube showing how to apply dip powder at home without visiting a salon. It inspires people to try it out on their own. Applying dip polish is not a challenging job at all. We shall explain the process in brief before discussing the cons of a dip powder job.

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Some Tips for Your Baby’s Skin Health

Newborn babies have susceptible skin that needs to be taken extra care of. They are born with the tender and fragile skin which needs extra care. New parents are very concerned about their baby’s skin and hence use various products like body wash for kids, shampoos, and soaps as well. Typically, it is preferred for parents to use organic products, which will not at all cause any damage to the gentle skin of your baby. Given below are some tips which will necessarily help your child’s skin health after practicing it and getting concerned about it.

Baby’s Skin Health

General Baby Care

All babies have sensitive skin with weak immune systems. Protect your baby’s skin from the sun with long sleeves, pants, and hats. Follow this till the baby gets six months old, and then you can expose your baby in the warm morning sunlight. Make sure that the cloths of the baby are thoroughly washed before use to avoid any infections. Loose outfits, and the cool environment will prevent heat rashes on armpits, elbows of your baby.

Avoid using the products which contain a high amount of chemicals and start using organic products to avoid any skin irritation and infections.

Dry Skin

Use a natural moisturizer to keep your baby’s skin moisturized. Certain baby face creams moisturize the face of the baby more and avoid dryness of the skin. Don’t bath your baby many times a day as it can remove all the necessary nutrients from the skin and cause dryness. For a one month baby, you should sponge your baby with water twice or thrice a week, so the natural moisture doesn’t get removed.

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Most Popular Nail Colors This New Decade

As we ring the New Year, 2020 that is, we have also entered a new decade and as much as we have enjoyed the decade before that, 2020 will be just as exciting especially in the world of manicures. We know that as a frequent salon visitor, you already have your choice of colors every time you get your nails done but as easy it is to reach out for the same bottle, branching out and trying new things is also not a bad idea.

Browsing in Instagram is a great way to find the fresh nail art inspiration but visiting your favorite nail salon is still the best place to look for the latest top-trending shades right this minute. Finding what color to paint your nails in the next 14 days can be a bit easy but making it last the entire two-weeks without chipping off or breaking is a bit stressful. This is why it is important to know the products that your favorite salon are using. It is important to know that they are using the best nail supplies.

Here are the best Dipping Powder nail supply that you should check out next time you set foot in the salon:

1. Blue

The calming shade of blue makes it an all-time favorite among nail polish aficionados and we won’t argue with that. Most salons are running out of this shade especially that of OPI N61 Rich Girls & Po-Boys. It’s a nice shade of blue that goes well with almost anything. This trendy shade is a get way to start if you are looking into taking the risk this new decade.

2. Cherry Red

Red is the color that never goes out of style and there is something about this nail powder shade that even those who doesn’t wear red can’t resist. A classic cherry red looks good on all nail shapes and lengths, whether it’s a long or an equally chic shorter nail. This color depicts a totally timeless look. The quintessentially perfect red of SNS LV26 Etoi’e will let you achieve that look in an instant.

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Makeup Artist Houston at the Edward Sanchez Vanity Lounge

Edward Sanchez Vanity Lounge is a full service makeup studio and cosmetic and skincare retail store. Edward Sanchez has been one of Houston’s top makeup artist and is known for his celebrity and socialite clientale such as George Clooney, Janet Jackson, Joan Rivers to local Houston socialites such as Diane Lokey Farb, Lynn Wyatt to local newscasters as Dominque Sachse and Courtney Zavala. Our Houston makeup artist specialize in full service makeup application for events, weddings and other speciali occasions. The Vanity Lounge is also home to liscensed esthestians who can help you with facials, desincrustion, ionic pore detoxifier, waxing, men’s back waxing, threading, lash extensions, lash dipping, lash perming, brow tinting and lash tinting. Edward Sanchez Vanity Lounge located in Houston in the River Oaks area of town specializes in hard to find cosmetics and skincare lines from around the world. The Vanity Lounge is the first in the country to carry CC creams and are proud to feature Rachel K’s products. Ainhoa from Barcelona Spain is another exclusive in that we are the first in the United States to carry their makeup line. Ellis Faas is our top selling makeup line that specializes in human colors. Face Ateilier from Canada is the offical makeup to Lady Ga Ga and Madonna and is a favorite of our Houston makeup artist as it literally floats on top of the skin. Mirenesse from Austrailia just launched in the Vanity Lounge with their Holy Grail of mascara Secret Weapon. Model Co another Aussie favorite is a hit at the Edward Sanchez Vanity Lounge with their selection of Party Proof lipsticks and Fiber Lash mascara system. The History of Whoo and OHUI come to us from Korea with skincare systems that are direct competition for luxury US brands such as La Prairie and La mer. Besame Cosmetics is a vintage inspired makeup line with 40’s era inspired makeup with their Besame Red being a favorite lipstick with our Vanity Lounge clients. Elisha Coy is another top seller and the Vanity Lounge is proud to carry a variety of her popular face and eye mask from Snail slime to caviar and pearls. The Edward Sanchez Vanity Lounge proudly services the Houston area including Sugar Land, Katy, The Woodlands, Pasadena, Deer Park, Spring, Galvestion Texas. Call us at 713-942-9177 to schedule your appointment for makeup application for weddings, bridal pictures, media and print jobs, tv and movie work, special events. We also offer private parties for teens birthdays, bachelorettes and birthday parties.