Most Popular Nail Colors This New Decade

As we ring the New Year, 2020 that is, we have also entered a new decade and as much as we have enjoyed the decade before that, 2020 will be just as exciting especially in the world of manicures. We know that as a frequent salon visitor, you already have your choice of colors every time you get your nails done but as easy it is to reach out for the same bottle, branching out and trying new things is also not a bad idea.

Browsing in Instagram is a great way to find the fresh nail art inspiration but visiting your favorite nail salon is still the best place to look for the latest top-trending shades right this minute. Finding what color to paint your nails in the next 14 days can be a bit easy but making it last the entire two-weeks without chipping off or breaking is a bit stressful. This is why it is important to know the products that your favorite salon are using. It is important to know that they are using the best nail supplies.

Here are the best Dipping Powder nail supply that you should check out next time you set foot in the salon:

1. Blue

The calming shade of blue makes it an all-time favorite among nail polish aficionados and we won’t argue with that. Most salons are running out of this shade especially that of OPI N61 Rich Girls & Po-Boys. It’s a nice shade of blue that goes well with almost anything. This trendy shade is a get way to start if you are looking into taking the risk this new decade.

2. Cherry Red

Red is the color that never goes out of style and there is something about this nail powder shade that even those who doesn’t wear red can’t resist. A classic cherry red looks good on all nail shapes and lengths, whether it’s a long or an equally chic shorter nail. This color depicts a totally timeless look. The quintessentially perfect red of SNS LV26 Etoi’e will let you achieve that look in an instant.

3. Nudes and Neutrals

Even though a lot of millenials are opting for bolder shades there are still some out there who would still go for the simplest one. The really forgiving and barely noticeable imperfections of neutral shades makes it work for every occasion. This shade is going to continue being big in 2020 and Nugenesis are going to release more nude shades soon.

4. Pearly Nails

While classic colors are the most popular nail colors of the moment, there are also those who are looking for something extra. On trend on the rise is the almost chrome like finish of pearly nails. This is perfect for those who want to be daring but still looking regal.

5. Metallic

For the first glance, metallic can look a bit loud but the truth is metallics are incredibly versatile and can be worn all year round. The subtle sparkle of this nail art makes it a perfect nail accent in any occasion.

6. Ombre

The gradient effect of ombre makes people want to try them more and more and with all the tutorials available online, it is safe to say that the trend will stay for another decade or even more. It has become more and more popular ever since they notice how elegant it could be in the nails. And if you haven’t tried it yet, its high mighty time that you do. If you don’t have the materials to use yet, DTK Nail Supply offers the best deal for wholesale nail polish. Order your set now and start experimenting with cool sans and shimmers and you’ll feel indestructible.

7. Mismatched Nails

This year, mixing and matching don’t only apply on clothes. It works perfectly with nails too. Mismatched nail trend is going strong and we can’t blame them because it looks awesome. Who would have thought that mismatched nails can look so good? From mismatched colors to mismatched print, there are tons of way to pull this look.

8. Greens

This list would not be complete without this color. The extremely universally flattering shade of green is what makes it so popular and it has been predicted that it will go even bigger this 2020. From softer to the darkest shades of green, anything can get you tons of compliments. For those women who are thinking of ways to make their engagement rings stand-out, Emerald green is the perfect choice. It looks so good on the nails it will make your ring shine even brighter without having to try too much. It goes well with any outfit too so there’s just so many reasons to try green this year so start now!